HTML Object shows exclamation mark


I am using HTML objects in report detail to show pictures. The object is set to “Formula”, which points to a data field that holds the URL to the picture.
For some pictures I get an exclamation mark within a yellow box instead of the picture that the URL points to.
The links are all “https://…” and work if you open them with a browser (basically they are pictures on a web store).

What does this exclamation mark mean?


Hi Andrej,

Welcome to our forum :slight_smile:!

The exclamation mark means the image is not loadable by our component. https was added in version 28, versions before only support http. Also, there was an issue even in version 28 in some rare cases, you could contact support for a hotfix if you should be affected.

Thank you for your speedy reply.

We are currently using version 28 (we always try to be on the latest version if at all possible).

The interesting thing is that it is different depending on which server I open the report on. If I run on our server, most pictures work. If I run it on a client’s server most pictures don’t work (the URL’s are same in both instances).

Will contact support for further clarification.

Thank you again.

Sure - sounds like exactly the issue we have fixed in the latest HTML object version. Feel free to follow-up here if there’s still an issue.