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How to run LL 20 unit tests on a build server?

With LL 19, we have been running unit tests against methods in our product’s code base that call LL for a long time now. These have always worked fine on our build server. This week we upgraded our code base to use LL 20 and now all our unit tests give this error:

combit.ListLabel20.LL_LicenseViolation_Exception : An attempt was made to call a function which is not covered by the license.

How can we solve this with LL 20 on our build server? Clearly, it’s pretty important that our unit tests run after each build. Is there some way to tell LL 20 that we indeed have a license? It is not an option to install LL 20 on our build server (and we didn’t have to install LL 19 on our build server yet the unit tests still ran).


You need to set the LicensingInfo property of the component used for the unit tests. Probably you still have the old code from LL19 in there? If that doesn’t help I’d contact combit directly, not sure about build servers, unit tests and their EULA.


A good idea, Günther. And we did indeed have the old license key in some config files. I’ve updated all of those to the LL 20 license key but still get the “LL_LicenseViolation_Exception : An attempt was made to call a function which is not covered by the license.”

Any other ideas?


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