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How to retrieve single value from a field

(Vajesh Durbal) #1


in our program I have created various fields that contain tabular data. For instance I have a field called AA_to_MP which contains a table of 10 values. When designing a report, I would like to be able to retrieve individual values from this field and add them to the report as I would a variable. For instance, I would like to be able to retrieve “AA_to_MP(0)” to get the first value in the field. Is that possible? Or will I have to create separate variables for each of those 10 values? Thank you.


(combit Support - Patrick Preuschoff) #2

Hello Vijay,

thank you for your post.

Depending on how you want to use the values it might be easier to store each of them in a separate variable.

Otherwise you can use given or self-created designer functions to return the desired value. For example you will print the next two digits after the first occurance of a separator (e.g. a pipe, semicolon, space, …), but this might be a bit to complex to recommend and has to be done for every appearance of any of the values.

Best regards,

Patrick Preuschoff
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