How to prevent printing, exporting and emailing from Preview

How can I prevent users from actually printing from the PrintPreview.
I have a sensitive document that I want the users to only be allowed to preview, but not print, export, email or fax. How can I code this?
I am using C# .NET in Microsoft Visual Studio.

I am making progress. I can prevent printing by setting the Exports_Allowed option to “PRV” (Preview), but the Preview window still allows emails. I need to prevent this also.
Code to set Preview “only”:

                    ll.Core.LlSetOptionString(LlOptionString.Exports_Allowed, "PRV");
                    ll.Core.LlSetOptionString(LlOptionString.ExportsAllowedInPreview, "PRV");

This should work using the LlViewerProhibitAction method of the Core object. See here: Introduction.

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That was it! Thanks!

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