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How to create column in xml


I have a layout which has a lot of columns from one table. But the column I want isn’t available. So I need to use XML to create this column. Can someone explain how I can do this.

The things I have done so far but withouth any luck :

  1. I’ve made a query (select * from items)
  2. Then I have selected the field from variables and put it into fields.

I’m sure I’ve forgot something but I don’t now what…can someone help me with this one. Thanx.

Dear Kees,
thank you for your note.

Unfortunately, we can not see from your question what kind of job you want to solve. We would ask you to send us more detailed information about your problem so that we can answer this. Many Thanks.

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

I’m trying to make it clear for you:

I want to use a column from a table in the report that isn’t there yet. The table is there, but not the column I want. So i need to use xml to get that column.

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