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How do I create a report for 2 tables that are linked to the same table.

I have a database with the following structure

Table: Suppliers
Columns: SupplierID

Table: Warehouses
Columns: WarehouseID
SupplierID (links back to the Supplier table)

Table: Products
Column: ProductID
SupplierID (links back to the Supplier table)

How do I create a report where for each Product, I want to display a list of the Warehouses that it could potentially be in without having a direct link between the Product and the Warehouse?

Hello Israa,

thank you for your post.

In that case you will need a further relation between the tables “Products” and “Suppliers” (“Products2Suppliers”). Afterwards you can build the following hierachy in the Designer “Products -> Suppliers -> Warehouses” as it is shown in the attached screenshot.

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
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