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How can I filter for my bookmarked posts?

(David Mackenzie) #1

Is there any way to filter for bookmarked posts?
I bookmarked my old posts…

About the Idea Place category
(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #2

Actually, there should be redirects in place. Do you have an example URL to an old post that doesn’t work anymore?

(David Mackenzie) #3

Sorry, I wrote ambiguously!
What I meant was, I bookmarked my old posts today and wanted to filter so that I temporarily only see the bookmarked posts, but didn’t find a way to do this.
Didn’t want to bother you with claiming ownership.
I was off work for a few weeks and only saw the Idea Place category today.

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #4

Ah, I see - I don’t feel bothered, feel free to send me a list of “your” topics in a PM, I’m happy to adjust the author property. Other than that, https://forum.combit.net/u/David_Mackenzie/activity/bookmarks should give you the list of your bookmarks.

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #5

@David_Mackenzie I moved this discussion to a separate thread.

(David Mackenzie) #6

That’s fine, thanks! :slight_smile: