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Hierarchical View of Fields or Variables in the Designer

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Valid from List & Label 6
To declare variables or fields for a hierarchical view in the variables window, you can use a dot ('.') as separation character. Two examples demonstrate that:
LlDefineVariable(hJob, "ArticleList.ArticleNo.Start", "1", NULL);
LlDefineVariable(hJob, "ArticleList.ArticleNo.End", "999", NULL);
LlDefineField(hJob, "Article.Name", "Car Rental", NULL);
LlDefineField(hJob, "Article.No", "CRSA120399", NULL);

Using multiple dots, the hierarchy can be more than one level deep. In a formula, the variable will have the name that you declared, i.e. with the dots. In the variable tree you will see them separated by the hierarchy elements.

This comes very handy when you have a lot of variables, or you want to express relations between databases.

IDKBTE000557 KBTE000557