Getting Email Subject Line from template / project file

I use Alaska Xbase++ with List & Label 22/23.

I would like to know the correct way to extract the mail subject project field from the .LST file.

I have tried using the LLPrintGetProjectParameter function but for some reason never get a valid returned value. I think I must be doing something wrong.

Can someone give me a short bit of example code to get this value from the template file?


I’m not fluent in Xbase, however I used to work with Delphi (DLL interface) in my previous life and actually worked with these parameters, too.

From my understanding LlPrintGetProjectParameter can only be called after LlPrintStart. Have you made sure your print job is already running? Otherwise you should see an error in the logfile. If you need to get the value before starting the print, there’s LlGetProjectParameter as an alternative. The difference seems to be that you can not get the evaluated value back from LlGetProjectParameter, however if it is a formula you can use LlExpr… to get the evaluated value.