Get Description and Duplicate Layout


I need to know if it is possible, when I get layout from repository, without combit nugget. I can get the project description and when I duplicate the same what I have to do to change the description and if there are rules to generate the repository itemid.

Best Regart’s,
Tiago Martins

Unfortunately, this is an undertaking that cannot be performed thoroughly without List & Label classes and assemblies.

List & Label takes care of the necessary processes to adjust different properties of a (copied) RepositoryItem for you. You probably won’t be happy in the long run with working directly on and within the files, because sooner or later you might run into various problems that may not even be noticeable now even if there is a chance to do everything manually without the involvment of any List & Label modules.

Okay, I’ll try using combit nuggets.

Can you tell me where I can find some documentation for duplicating a layout in SQL Server Repository and how to load the layout description.

A detailed documentation about the repository can be found here: combit.Reporting.Repository Namespace