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Generating interactive fields for a PDF export with LL

Good day,
I have been trying to find a way to create fields for a template in LL so they can become interactive ones when exported as PDF. After going through the user manual as thoroughly as I could, I did not find anything that covers that. Is it even possible? If so, how would you recommend doing so?

Thanks in advance for your time!


Do you have seen the designer objects “Form Control”? The can be used as Checkbox, ComboBox or Edit-Field and are also alive in later PDF exports. Have a look at the Forms-Sample within the sample application DemoApplicationXX.exe.


Thank you very much for your quick response Oliver! And for pointing me in the right direction! I will most definitely look into this and come back if I have any further issues!
Vielen Dank, wirklich!
Kind regards!

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