Generating and Using Server/Webserver Licenses

Valid from List & Label 21
You need an additional server/web server license (a so called WSL file) if you are using the Standard or Professional Edition and wish to integrate List & Label into a server/web server application or use it as a service within your application. You require the appropriate size of the List & Label server/web server license for each installation of your application. 
A useful advice: The Enterprise Edition already includes a server/web server license for an unlimited amount of servers and end users. Important: you don't need a WSL file in this case, it just works. You will find more information in our FAQs About List & Label Licensing.
Proceed as follows after having purchased this server/webserver license to create the WSL file:
  1. Run the "List & Label Web Server License File Generator". You find the file ll??web.exe in the "Miscellaneous" folder of your List & Label installation.
  2. Enter the corresponding values in the fields Name, Serial no. and Product Key.
  3. Select File > Save License File As... and save the file under the name cmll??.wsl.
  4. Copy the WSL file that you just created to the directory of your application that holds the file cmll??.dll.
  5. Quit the "List & Label Web Server License File Generator".
Through the previous steps a configuration file llweb.cfg is automatically created that contains your entered data. Therefore you can edit your previous entries or create the WSL file again simply by running the "List & Label Web Server License File Generator" again at any time.
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