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Free Content / Static Text in the Report Container

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Valid from List & Label 13
The API LlDbAddTable() allows to add a specialized table ID "LLStaticTable". If you're not using databinding, you need to support this feature in your code. Further information can be found in chapter "Working with the Report Container" in the programmer's reference.

Once you add a table to the report container in the designer, you may then choose "Free content" as data source. This enables you to add static texts in between other objects in the report container. This might be a descriptive text for a chart, a (sub) header or a letter text. You may also use variables as content.

To enable the design of an invoice with a cover letter and a business terms section, define two variables:

- "CoverLetter"
- "business terms"

Within your print loop, use LlGetUsedIdentifiers() to check which of the variables need to be passed. In addition, LlPrintDbGetCurrentTable() returns "LLStaticTable" if the user placed such a table. In this case, simply call LlPrintFields() with the usual page break handling and LlPrintFieldsEnd(). This prints the static table with all included content. You don't need to make further changes to your code.
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