Formula with interleaved barcode

Hi everybody,

I hope someone can help me.
I have a layout with the following formula:
Barcode (dbvalue_01,“Code 128”)

But now I want to make the same formula but with the 2-van-5 Interleaved barcode
I tried the following formulas but withouth succes
Barcode (dbvalue_01,“Code ITF-14”)
Barcode (dbvalue_01,“Code ITF”)
Barcode (dbvalue_01,“2-van-5 Interleaved”)
Barcode (dbvalue_01,“Code 2-van-5 Interleaved”)

Does someone know which formula i must use with this barcode ?
Thank you in advance.

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If I try it on my system it looks like this and I can see the barcode as expected:
But the second parameter is automatically switched to “25INT” to be language indipendent.

It is important, that the content of the barcode - in your case ‘dbvalue_01’ matches also the definition/format. You will see this, if you select the barcode as Text instead of Formula: just numeric characters are allowed - even numbers:

Does this helps in your case?

Hello Oliver,

This did the trick.
Thank you very much !


Perfect, you are welcome!

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