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Font size in number with decimals

Is it possible to display a number where the decimals have a different font size.

It concerns sales prices that should be displayed like this:


These prices automatically come from a database, so no manual interference should be done


Try some like this:

First, create a new formated text column (rtf), and add this code


and you will be able to apply fonts to both parts separately.

Good luck.

In layout preview in list & label it looks fine: [size=7]99[/size],00, but unfortunately when I use the layout for real 24,90 become 0,00 with this code…

You must have some problem, for my it works correctly.

You can see at

Now it works if I put the same variable (or formula) I want in formatted text, somewhere in the document as Normal text (and hide it). Strange, but happy it works now…

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