Export to excel with formatting but no page breaks

I have a problem with exporting to excel. I haven’t found a way to import my report with formatting (cell coloring) but without page divisions. I always have a blank row between the table.
I used the following parameters:
cfg.ExportOptions.Add(LlExportOption.XlsAllPagesOneSheet, “1”);
cfg.ExportOptions.Add(LlExportOption.XlsIgnoreHeaderFooterLines, “0”);
cfg.ExportOptions.Add(LlExportOption.XlsAutoFit, “1”);

There exists the export option Export.InfinitePage for that - this should do the trick I think:

cfg.ExportOptions.Add(LlExportOption.ExportInfinitePage, “1”);

In the API documentation you will find it here: Export.InfinitePage.

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