Export cards to JPEG

We are exporting a card project with a barcode and some text to PDF and to JPEG. We experience that the quality of the export using JPEG is very poor compared with the PDF (se the two attached files). We also experience that with PNG and TIFF. Any suggestions on how to increase the quality when exporting to an image?

Not sure which one is PDF and which is JPEG. Generally, JPEG is badly suited for text and PNG would be the preferred format. That said, you can have an influence on the result’s quality for JPEG by changing the resolution and compression quality either in the options dialog here


or via code by adding the corresponding export options via LL.ExportOptions.Add - the full list of available options is here, you’ll want to look at PictureJpegQuality and/or Resolution.

On a side node, PDF viewers are using antialiasing to display texts (just as our preview), which makes them look less crisp but also less pixelated. Thus, a difference between image export and e.g. PDF is to be expected.