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Export cards to image files with variable filename

I suggest to implement the following feature:
Each card from card projects should be exported to a single image file. The file names of the image files are to be specified by a formula.

A typical use case might be:
We often have the case that we need to export card projects to image files from our production software. These image files are then used/processed by other systems. Therefore, we need predefined file names for the image files, which are composed of individual fields of a card data set.

So far, we solve this very awkwardly by creating a project parameter in which one can store a formula in the LL-Designer. Then we evaluate the project parameter for each individual card in the event “AutoDefineNewPage” to evaluate the file name for the card.

Afterwards we query in the event PrintingFinished with “LLGetOptionString(ExportFileList)” the image file created by LL and rename the default “0000001.jpg”, “0000002.jpg”, etc. using the file names determined in “AutoDefineNewPage”.

In this respect, we have a solution for our specific case, but it is quite error-prone. We couldn’t believe at first that there are extensive export options in LL, but apparently no way to name these files accordingly. In the case described above, LL simply numbers the image files. Thus, an assignment of the image files to the underlying data set is no longer possible.

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