Excel column headers

I’m using L&L 16 and am exporting to Excel with the data only setting turned on and including the column headers. All works well except that the column headers are repeated every 32 lines or so where for Excel they should only be once at the top of the file. I suspect that there’s a lines per page setting somewhere that should be changed but have been unable to find it. Any suggestions on this?

Hello Robert,

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We have added the export option ‘XLS.IgnoreHeaderFooterLines’ with List & Label 17, where you can choose to export or ignore header- and footer lines or to export them once on the first page. This option is not available with List & Label 16, unfortunately.

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Where in the the program would I use this export option to enable the feature?

In .NET, you’d use LL.ExportOptions.Add for this purpose (see here). Other languages can set export options via LlXSetParameter (see here).