Error -1 when trying to generate reports

Good morning,

When I try and generate reports I am getting error -1.

Our handling of the error gives me this:

List & Label Fehlernummer: -1
List & Label Fehlerbeschreigung: (-1) bad jobhandle / LL_ERR_BAD_JOBHANDLE
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I have narrowed this down and the error appears as soon as cmll16.dll is referenced. (Yes sorry, we’re a little out of date! An upgrade is scheduled.).

The exact same code works fine on my colleague’s computer, and is working perfectly at our customer site. I am struggling to work out what the problem is, or how I can solve it. Any advice gratefully received.


Hi James and welcome to our community. To me, this sounds like you might be missing some redistributables. I’d check the files you’ve copied against those on a machine where it’s working. A valuable check might also be to run depends.exe against the cmll16.dll. depends usually comes with Visual Studio, however there’s a project on GitHub that aims to do the same, i.e. troubleshoot dependency issues here:

Hi Jochen,
Thanks for the reply. I’ve installed the Dependencies program and run it against the dll. I think it’s telling me that everything is ok. Is there anything else I can check?

You could try and run debwin3.exe that should have been shipped with the installation. It will create a debug log you can use for trouble shooting if you tell it to do so by choosing “Force Debug Mode”.

Thank you Jochen. Unfortunately I don’t have a debwin3.exe anywhere, either locally or at our customer site.

I think I’ve narrowed it down a bit. The Job Open command is actually returning an Error Code -101. So it’s language related.

The language code -1 gives the error
List & Label Fehlerbeschreigung: (-101) no or out-of-date language resource DLL / LL_ERR_NO_LANG_DLL
But language 0 works ok. I will compare my install with the machine that works using this as the basis.

You should look for cmll1601.lng and cmls1601.lng in this case - these are the resource files for the English UI. If all your colleagues where it’s working are using a German OS, this might also be the reason why it works for them:

Try to open the job with CMBTLANG_GERMAN (0) then instead of -1 (CMBTLANG_DEFAULT) as your OS - if it is switched to English - might look for different resource files than your colleagues’.

Starting with version 25, the English resources are included in the German subscription versions.

That will be it! Thank you! I only have cmll1600.lng etc.

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