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Empty Date/Time Values show as 1/01/-4713

On one computer I am getting “1/01/.-4713” instead of just an empty date output.­

On all other computers it works and shows an empty date field.

The Clarion template that I am using is setting the date value to ‘1e1000’ if the content is Zero in my app. Is this still necessary with the latest version of L&L?

Is there a regional setting in the Windows 2012 server that is causing this? I checked the settings in the region and nothing is different. Unless there is a setting in the GPO that I am not aware of.

How can I resolve this?


Dear Bijan,
thank you for your note.

We recommended to use the real NULL-Value (so use “(NULL)” as content) and to try whether the issue is still reproducible, thank you.

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

Hi Erdal,

Can you please check and let me know what regional setting in Windows is causing this to show up like this?

It doesn’t print like this on my other systems. Only on one server is showing up like this.


Dear Bijam,
thank for your note.

This should have nothing to do with the regional settings, but with the content / value.

Result = String.Empty
Result = 31/12/-4714

Please check your formula, functions etc., otherwise we would advise you to open a support case, there is a further analysis then possible.
Many Thanks.

Kind Regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit gmbH

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