Embedded image in HTML content


On the report model class I have a string property containing HTML content with embedded (encoded) image inside. I’m trying to show that HTML content on the report by binding report control to the mentioned string property.
However, if I try to show the report, it is just waiting forever and rendering never finishes. I found that it created thousands of files in C:\Windows\Temp\combit directory. If embedded image is removed, HTML content is shown just fine.

Is this issue known?
If yes, could you point me to the appropriate solution?

Thanks in advance!



I had similar problems.

In my case the size of the image was wrong (too big) rendered and this led to an endless-loop - even if the size of the image was present with the style-attribute. But in the upcoming version LL20 this should work as expected. Until then you have to remove embedded images from your HTML stream.

Thanks for the info!
BTW, is it an official info that this issue will be resolved in version 20 and is there a change log with the list of issues that will be fixed?

I managed to make images display, but had to remove width and height which are set in the style attribute.

It would be really nice if someone from Combit could actually reply and provide some official guidance here…