Email client will not launch from print preview window

I have an application that was developed using Xbase++, version 1.90 SL1 and List & Label version 14. The application is installed on a server running Windows Server 2008 R2 standard. My application is running under terminal services.

When the user prints a report to the print preview screen and clicks the email icon, a small pop-up screen flashes briefly with a message stating “File is being sent” and then disappears without launching the email client. I have installed Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird as email clients, but neither of them worked.

As a separate experiment, I printed a report to the print preview screen and then saved it as a print preview file. I then opened the file using LLview14.exe and tried to email from there. The result was the same. The email client did not launch. In this example, my application was not involved. It would appear that the problem is contained within List & Label. This problem can be reproduced.

I looked in the support forums (English) on the Combit web site and found an entry where someone was having a similar problem. The forum post is dated 10/20/2008 with a subject “By preview sending an e-mail (with a pdf) with outlook (office). No dialog box appears. (LL13)” I did not see any solution presented.

As an experiment, I installed version 16 of List & Label, but that did not help. The result is the same.

Are there any specific security settings within Windows Server 2008 that need to be set in order for the email client to launch?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

After fiddling with this for days and exchanging numerous emails with Combit tech support, I think I have finally figured this out.

Combit tech support suggested that I create a debug log file, which I did. According to the log file, the MAPI subsystem did not appear to be installed on the server. I edited the C:\Windows\win.ini file, created a [mail] section, and set MAPI=1. That didn’t help. I also created the registry key “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsytem”, created a text value named “MAPI” and set it to “1”. That didn’t help either. Combit tech support said that the server might be “virtualizing” the win.ini file. That provided the clue I needed.

It turns out that in Server 2008 each user has a localized win.ini file. I edited C:\Users%UserName%\Windows\win.ini and added the following two lines:


After I did that, the email client launched from the print preview screen, as it should!

I would like to thank Thomas Metternich and Diana Dau at Combit for their help with this. :slight_smile: