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Electronic Signature With digiSeal office and digiSeal server From secrypt

Effective from List & Label 22


Thanks to the cooperation with a leading provider of electronic signature solutions, secrypt GmbH from Berlin, applications can now also be provided with an option for digital signatures: If the end customer has installed the software program digiSeal® office or the signature server digiSeal® server, digital signatures are supported directly from List & Label.

Signature Function in List & Label
By connecting the signature component (digiSeal® office or digiSeal® server), List & Label offers the option of applying an individual signature to the generated export result in PDF, TIFF or text format. Depending on requirements, the process can be carried out manually or automatically. Once the signature has been applied, the export result is passed back to List & Label.

The exact options for the signature of the export result can be configured via the List & Label interface. The process is documented in the List & Label Programmer’s Reference.

secrypt GmbH - the Signature Experts
The ISO 9001-certified secrypt GmbH specializes in solutions for optimizing, accelerating and securing digital business processes with legally compliant electronic signatures, time stamps and encryption. With its digiSeal® product family, secrypt ensures authenticity, protection against manipulation and confidentiality of sensitive electronic data as well as the long-term preservation of evidential value in the electronic archive.

The client and server-based software products of the digiSeal® family support the entire signature lifecycle: from signature generation in all relevant signature formats to signature verification and signature archiving.

In addition to digiSeal® office for individual signatures and digiSeal® office pro for batch signatures, the digiSeal® product family includes the digiSeal® server for mass signatures, digiSeal® archive for the permanent preservation of the evidential value of electronically signed documents, and the free digiSeal® reader for verifying electronic documents (download at: www.secrypt.de/en/).

digiSeal® office - the Complete Signature Software for Individual Workstations
The signature software digiSeal® office enables the processing of secure and legally effective electronic business processes in anonymous networks. Documents of any kind that require a handwritten signature can be provided with a legally binding electronic signature in the sense of § 126a Abs. 1 BGB. This is created individually for each file (‘individual signature’) by entering a PIN. It guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the electronic documents. Unnoticed manipulations are no longer possible. Encrypting and decrypting files ensures that no unauthorized third party has access to confidential data.

digiSeal® server - for Automated Mass Signatures
Unlike digiSeal® office, the digiSeal® server is a high-performance server software that generates and verifies qualified, advanced and simple signatures in a completely automated process. Analogous to digiSeal® office, the signature server supports all common signature formats. In addition, it offers further functions such as time stamps, encryption and e-mail dispatch for process modelling according to the modular principle. Due to the support of international standards, it offers high interoperability. In addition, the digiSeal® server has a sophisticated user administration with a role concept and differentiated access rights.

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