DOM Code Example (Error on generated Code)

Hello folks,
if i use the DOM Code Example to generate DOM Code for a part of my report I get:

item.ParentComponent.Core.LLSetOption(LlOption.NoAutoPropertyCorrection, 1)

at the first line of the generated void.

When i copy the code into my project this line generate the syntax error:
“ParentComponent is no member of CollectionSubItemBases”

How can I solve this problem? (without deleting this line :slight_smile: )

Thanks in advance for any hint.
Ralf Uhte

Will have to check this in more detail. For the time being, just make sure to set the option on the instance you’re using for DOM modifications and feel free to delete this line in the auto generated code then.

Good morning Mr. Bartlau,
i expect that “NoAutoCorrection = 1” (true) means that no correction was done from the List and Label - correct?

I wondering about a problem while generating a “Diagramm” into a field with:

myField = new (combit.Reporting.Dom.TableFieldChart(LLChartType.Bar2DStacked, zeilendefinition_1)
myField.SourceTablePath = "MasterTable;DetailTable(FK_Master_Detail)"

I copy this part of the generated DOM code, but the Designer always show the MasterTable as DataSource for this field (Mastertable is datasource of the main table). It seems to me, that a error of myself was corrected from List and Label? If I create this field into the designer “MasterTable->DetailTable” was shown as datasource.

Because of this behavior i like to force DOM to write wrong property settings into the file. I expect that the designer will show them while opening the project :wink:

How can I “set the option on for the instance”?
Which Object has this property?

Thanks in advance for some help.
Ralf Uhte

Hello Mr. Bartlau,
because a other problem with the generated DOM Code I opened a support case on last friyday. I expect some help from your staff and like to close this topic (is there any way to do this?).
Thanks for your answer.
Ralf Uhte

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Usually, we’d tackle this via support then and finally add the answer here to make sure everyone can profit. So if you don’t mind we could keep this open until we have found a solution. To answer your original question, you can mark a topic as “Solved” by accepting a post as solution like this:


Hello all,
i got a message from the technical support, that there is a work around for this error:

myField.SourceTablePath = ";DetailTable(FK_Master_Detail)"

(No reference to the MasterTable included). Still open is:


but I can ignore this line if the other one works :grinning:

Yes. This solve this part of this topic.

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