Display Errors in the Preview at the Edge of the Page for PDF and EMF Objects

If a PDF or EMF object is printed on the right/bottom outside the page and the set printer has a non-printable area, individual regions may not be printed correctly.

This is due to an optimization logic in Windows that ensures that a region on the right/bottom outside the printer page and within the non-printable area is not output.

This behavior also occurs if the page is not really printed but only exported. Unfortunately this optimization is beyond our control.

Possible solutions:

  • Use (borderless) XPS or PDF printer drivers as reference printers.
  • Do not place a PDF/EMF object protruding from the right/bottom of the page. The object rectangle must definitely be placed on the project page.
  • For PDF, set the Original Size property to “No”. If the PDF document is larger than the page of the project, a PDF object with original size “Yes” can protrude beyond the page even if there is an output rectangle within the page, without you seeing this immediately.