Disabled options

I want to disable all these options

You need to implement the method OnProvideProhibitedActions and can there use WebReportDesignerAction.

Hi Uzair, the next time please add more details, so some other forum reader can see what you are using and which function, control etc. you are using.

you can override this function and add a prohibit to the designer->

    public override void OnProvideProhibitedActions(ProvideProhibitedActionsContext provideProhibitedActionsContext)
        foreach (WebReportDesignerAction action in DefaultSettings.GetProhibitedActions())

see docu:

and i think combit also has a sample in the .NET ASP Folder :wink:

Hi Uzair,

see ProhibitedActions Class

Sure, I’ve already done this task before when it wasn’t working.