Disable Printer to File

Good Morning,
we ask if is possible to disable print to printer that is setting to file or pdf virtual print.
We want disable printer for not phisical printer.

We have to print information that user cant stored for print another time.
Can help me?

Hello Fabio,

thank you for your post.

List & Label requires an installed standard printer driver with a resolution of at least 300 dpi, e.g. Microsoft Document XPS Writer.

If you want to disable the export target “Printer”, then you can restrict the output list using the option string “LL_OPTIONSTR_EXPORTS_ALLOWED”. Here you can pass a semicolon-separated list of all allowed export formats:


You can also print without user interaction. The export target (e.g. PDF) and export path can be managed by your application without any interaction of the user. For more information please read the “Programmer’s reference” chapter “7.2.5 Export Without User Interaction”.

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