Directly print a report without opening preview mode

Whenever I try to print any list or label it opens them in a preview mode first
Is there any way to directly print the report without opening the preview mode.

I am using angular and attaching a screenshot to demonstrate how I am calling it in the form
of component.

Can some one provide the implementation of the method of directly printing the report if such method
exists in the WebReportViewerController?

Hm, the reportviewer has a print button thats the only way, i think if you want to print directly from the client you have to export the LL Project to a pdf and post it to the browser then you can print, i dont see any other way cause you creating the file serverside, how you want to print directly on clientside?
But if you want to print on server i think you can, but i think you want that :wink:

Yes, I do want to print on the server side, but I’m not sure how to achieve it using List & Label.


Have a look at
Export Without User Interaction

Hope this helps.