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Direct support for viewing PDF files in LL Preview Control

(Michael Haasl) #1

End users often have to operate with two viewer controls. One which can use your LL reports and a second one to view PDF files. This mostly results in different settings, icons, look&feel and even different ways to save, print, mail and so forth.

Wouldn’t it be great if the user just have to work with one Preview Control? One coherent control for all viewing needs?

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #2

Would it be acceptable if interactive PDF features like signature, form fields, annotations and scripts didn’t work? Are we talking about mere viewing (which might be feasible) or a fully fledged PDF viewer application?

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #3

Bumping this question - anyone voting here: would just a “simple” PDF viewer be enough?