Digitally Sign PDF using Pfx Certificate

I’m using L&L 25 (in VB6) and I am unable to automatically digitally sign a PDF using a PFX Certificate without segiSeal.
How can I achieve that?

Signing with PFX certificate is only possible in connection with digiSeal server. Generally we offer digital signing only with, or through partners.

Please refer to the documentation in the combit List & Label 25 - Programmer’s Manual.

Hi, that was what I was afraid of.
I’ve read the documentation and thought that maybe I wasn’t understanding it perfectly that is why I asked.

Thank you

Is that the only way to do it?

Of course you’re free to use other signture providers as well. However you’d then need to first create the PDF and then sign it “as usual”. For digiSeal, we offer a deeper integration where the signing workflow is started automatically.

You can also use a signature form field to start the signing process from within the reader application. See here for a few details.