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hello, i have two question.

First: is possible load a background bitmap of real label, i try to explain better.
I have a strange format label (not all is possible to print but only a part).
So i want see this bitmap to user for understand where place object, text, etc…

Second : is possible see the label in designer always horizontal also the printer is vertical.

Dear Fabop,
thank you for your post.

Starting with version 18, it is possible to use a PDF object for filling forms etc. We have an example project for the lldemo32.exe (“Form with PDF object.dfm”) where you can see how to use the PDF object.

Another idea might be to use the form template object, which allows to put a scanned in form in the background without really printing it - it is merely a positioning aid.

As to your second question:

Choose “Project > Layout Regions > Orientation” to change your layout.

Best regards

Erdal Alacali
Technischer Support
combit GmbH

thank you very much,
now try to apply your advice.
If i have problem i contact you one more time

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