Description of the Most Important Shapefile Country Fields

The Shapefiles provided by List & Label include an extensive attribute database. The most important attribute fields are:

Field name Description
name Name of the country in English
name_long Long name of the country
formal_en Complete name of the country (Republic of Chile, ...)
iso_a2 Two-digit ISO code (ISO 3166-1 ALPHA-2)
Iso_a3 Three-digit ISO code (ISO 3166 ALPHA-3)
Iso_n3 Three-digit ISO code (numeric, ISO 3166 numeric)
Continent Continent that the country is located on (geological, by tectonic plate)
Region_un Combined continents (e.g. South and North America as the Americas)
Subregion More specific location of the country (e.g. Europe divided in Southern and Northern Europe)
Name_len Length of the country name
Income_grp Description of the income situation of the country (Low Income, Middle Income, High Income, ...)
Economy Description of the development progress of the country
Pop_est Population of the country
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