Defining Sub Reports Correctly

Hello! I am wanting to make a report in which more information is displayed when selecting a button. The manual shows a data source within another data source, how to make that query?

PAG 83 DEL MANUAL : 5.2 Practice: Defining Sub Reports Correctly

You’d require a datasource that contains relations (e. g. SQL Server, ADO DataSet or an Object containing IEnumerables). Then, you can work with the dialog you mentioned and add an expandable region which would do exactly what you describe.

Thanks for your answer. I was able to apply the expandable regions but it was applied to each parameter. How do I configure where the expandable button should be?

I attach an image of how 4 expandable buttons appear and I only want one.

thank you

The “button” applies automaticly to ever master datarow, e.g. Customer / Order samples, when you use the expandable feature on the customer table, you will getting for every customer a “button” to expand and see the related orders.
I think to get what you want you have to change your datasource.

Maybe you will get your target when use the Grouping and the expandeble feature →