Defining a default project in the Designer for new projects


When you want to create a new project in the List & Label designer, usually the project wizard is always started, which helps you to create a simple and generic project. However, most of the time the requirement in the application is that you want to provide a customized standard project that, for example, always already contains your own logo, page footer, etc.


The desired default project when creating a new project in the List & Label Designer can be predefined by providing a file “default.[ext]” in the search path for each project type (list, index card or label). This way, the designer automatically opens the file “default.lst” when a new list project is to be created in the Designer - for a new label, for example, it would be the file “default.lbl”.

Note: If a default project is found and used, the project wizard will not run when creating new projects.

With the option LL_OPTIONSTR_DEFAULTPROJECTNAME it is also possible to define the file name including path for the default project.