Decimal and Thousand Separator

Hi There,
I am new to Combit List n Label. How can I achieve the following?
I need to format a number to have a specific thousand separator and decimal separator.

The thousand separator and decimal separator will be stored in a database field in SQL.

How can I use these fields to format a number so it displays the correct thousand and decimal separator when previewing a report?

The above can be done with SAP Crystal Reports. I am in the process of evaluating Combit List n Label and I hope I can achieve this.

I will also need the above for formatting dates, Where the date format will be supplied by a database field. Then I would like to use this field to format dates so they can display in a specific format.


A number of options here - you can specify the format interactively like shown here:!Documents/format.htm

An alternative would be to work with the FStr$ designer function. You can combine this function with a string replacement using StrSubst$ to use any separator that is required.