Cyrillic calligraphy

Hello, when i try to display cyrillic calligraphy like on the picture, spaces between characters are missing.

Link here:

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I guess we need more information (what font, …), or better contact combit support. That’s what they are for :wink:


I have a client that has a Franco-Russe report. In de version LL14 it was OK, but now in the LL15 is not OK.

LL14 designer
“Nom et fonction / Имя и должность”
“Date / Дата”
“Signature / Подпись”

LL15 designer
“Nom et fonction / Èìÿ è äîëæíîñòü”
“Date / Äàòà”
“Signature / Ïîäïèñü”

What can I do to help my client?