Crystal Reports "Sub report" how do I recreate this in Combit?

In Crystal Reports, I can enter multiple Sub Reports into a main report and pass a parameter but I can’t figure out how to do this in Combit.

I have a table titled “Rooms” that cycles through all the room numbers in a building. What I want to do is insert some data from about 3 other tables that are linked to the room table by RoomNumber. So for example, One of the tables would be called “Furniture” and that table would have specific furniture for Room #1. So what I need to do is to be able to insert these tables into the main room table so that as the room table runs through the rooms, the relevant information is displayed.

I have spent hours and hours on this and I just cant figure out how to have one table be subordinate to another table.

I was hoping someone could explain conceptually, how this type of reporting is accomplished in Combit. I would be greatly appreciate it

I wish there was a Combit textbook with detailed examples that was available for individuals such as myself

Thank you

First, there must be a relation between the tables “Room” and “Furniture” in the Desinger (depends on the DataSource you give to List & Label). In the designer insert a “Report Container”:


Right click on the “Report Container” item and choose “content > Table”. Choose the data source (in our example Orders), in your case “Room”. Now right click on the Table:Orders(Room) > “Append a Sub-Element”:


“Link via Relations” > Table:

In your case there should be the table “Furniture” under “Room”.

Thank you very much for your reply.

Your solution has worked for me with the following change: My version of Combit is embedded in a 3rd party program and the “Relation Links” option is only available before the report is opened in the data source menu as opposed to the context menu as you have illustrated above.

Once I established the links, I was able to create a subordinate table as a sub element.

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