Cross Tabs - Total Column Showing First


I’m using Cross Tables to display my information. I have several groups of columns and in each of this group I have a column that is common to all of the sub-collumns. To be able to just show it once per group I’m displaying this column as the group total through the maximum() function.

My problem is that I’d like to show it as the group’s first collumn and not the last. Is there any way to make the total column the first one? Or, in another way, to show this specific column first but just once per group of columns?

Thank you for your availability!

Could you post a screenshot of what you have so far? Not sure I’m completly understanding the question.

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Sorry if I wasn’t too clear.

This is the tabel I’m getting now.

As you can see I’ve several columns matching different clothe sizes (“XS”,“S”,“M”,“L”,“XL”). For each of this group there is one or more pieces that have have been controlled and are represented by each single column (“P1”, “P6”, “P2”, “P3”, “P4” and “P6”).

At the end of each group I have a column that represents the standard measure of each size. (I’m using a demo database so all the values are 0, but usually there are different values there).
At this moment I’m using the maximum() function in the group total column to be able to display this values (because they are equal to every column inside a size group). My question in the previous post was aimed to understand if I could make this column appear in the first position of every group and not in the end.


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Ah, I see. AFAIK, the total column is always printed last. The only thing I could think of is to introduce an artificial piece “AAA” for each of the size groups in the data source and this way make sure you get your required information as first column. The heading could then of course be adapted not to show the “AAA” via formula. Not the most elegant solution, but maybe a workaround?

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

I’m going to test it out! I hope I can make that work in my database.


I think there might be a new way so solve this.
If you select the Sum/Total Column you can select “display befor data” (default=false)