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Cross Tab sorting

I want to ask, if it is possible to sort the crosstab rows based on the row totals with some advanced expressions?

I have a crosstab which would have always only 2 “columns”, showing profit. First is showing data from previous year, the other from the current year. On the row total I’m showing difference between the years (along with percentage) using GetVar()/SetVar() machinery. Now, I would like to sort data by this total column. But I’m unable to do it and I think it isn’t possible to sort on column, which is using GetVar() et.al…

Am I right? Could this behavior be achivied by some other means?

Thank You

Reporting back, and problem solved :slight_smile:

Have a nice day :wink:

Just kidding… Finally, I have managed it using NthValue(). So in “Value” cell I make the substraction “NthValue(…, 1) - NthValue(…, 0)” and then sort “by the value” (I don’t know the exact English term as I’m using the translated GUI) on this value. Another plus is, I don’t need to use GetVar()/SetVar() at all.

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