Creating EPC Barcodes with List & Label


An EPC QR code is a data format standardized by the European Payments Council that contains all the data for a SEPA credit transfer and is machine-readable via QR coding. A brief description of the format can be found here.


As of version 28, there is a separate barcode type with configuration dialog. Here, all required information can be transferred to List & Label easily and by formula.

For older versions:

With List & Label you can easily create such a barcode by encoding the content according to the standard. A formula for such a barcode would be:

/* Service tag */
/* Version */
/* Character set */
"2" +chr$(13)+
/* SEPA Credit Transfer */
"SCT" +chr$(13)+
/* Recipient's BIC */
/* Recipient's name */
"combit GmbH"+chr$(13)+
/* Recipient's IBAN */
/* Amount */
/* Purpose, optional */
"CHAR" +chr$(13)+
/* Reference */
"" +chr$(13)+
/* Reason */
"Charity for combit"+chr$(13)+
/* Hint */

The resulting barcode can then be scanned in all common applications: