Creating a 'combined' group


I was wondering how I can combine groups together. For instance, let’s say that I have the following data:

ID Name Type Width Height 0 Top DF 28.875 6 1 LPair P 13.375 21.0625 2 Left S 13.375 21.0625 3 RPair P 13.375 21.0625 4 Right S 13.375 31.0625

Now, I want to make a group that contains all of the items with a type of ‘DF’. Then I want another group with all of the items with a type of ‘P’ AND ‘S’. I want the group line to contain a specialized string value that represents the grouping.

How would I accomplish this? I tried to create a ‘Collection’ variable and use wild cards to put them in a group, then set the ‘Group By’ property to the collection variable. Here is how I created the collection variable and added a ‘StringValue’ column to represents what I want (there are more types that were listed):

Name: TypeGroups Collection StringValue Type={"DF"} "Drawer Fronts" Type={"S"|"P"} "Single & Pair Doors" Type={"FF"} "False Fronts" Type={"?E"} "Applied Doors & Panelized Ends" <other> "Other"

Am I on the right track with this? If I am, I am not sure why this isn’t working. And by not working, I mean that everything is grouped into an ‘Other’ group in the report.

Thank you for any help you can provide on this (even if it’s just to say that I can’t do this)

I figured out the answer to this. It appears that I was on the correct track here, using a Collection Variable. The reason that nothing matched was that I had defined the wild card matches with a pair of double quotes (i.e. “DF”, “P”, “S”, etc.). I needed to define them with no quotes in the collection designer.

Once I did that, then added the TypeGroups.StringValue to the ‘Group by’ field, it worked out exactly as I needed it to.