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create fields and variables

(Guest) #1

Dear All,

I am using LL with Delphi 2010.I would like to create Field and Variables which will take the data from database.

I have already read the LL manual but somehow i am not so clear about to create Field and Variables.

how to create Fields and variables(LL): from LL designer or from Delphi ?

is it important to have the same Field/variables(LL) name with database column name?

for example , in my database has a column “Article_Number” , now if i want to make a variable (LL) which will take the value from the column “Article_Number” then how to do it?

if anybody can give me idea maybe with a little example- i would be very much grateful for that.

Thanks in advance

(Guest) #2

Hi Abu,

thank you for your post.

What kind of database respectively what kind of datasource do you use? You will find a lot of delphi source code examples in your installation path:

…\combit\LL18\Programmable Samples and Declarations\Delphi…

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH