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Create a Dump File

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Valid from Report Server 1

If you are using Windows 7 you can make a dump easily in the context menu of the process in the windows task manager.
With previous windows versions please create a dump file by using the Microsoft debugging tool WinDbg. At the following link you can find this program with an installation guide.
After installing please follow these steps:

  • Start the process with the debugger with File > Open executable or attach to the process with File > Attach to Process.
  • Afterwards please select Debug > Go (or press F5). The command line should display “busy
  • Once the error occurs, you should be able to notice this in the debugger window (which should say something like “Access Violation”). Please create a dump file then. Type the following line in the debugger command line (of course you can use another path and filename for the dump file):
In our Support Center you can upload the file (compressed in zip format) when you create a contact for the case.
For a web application please attach to the correct worker process (e.g. w3wp.exe). There is one process for each application pool. Please check in the IIS to which application pool your web application belongs.
In WinDbg go to the details of the process name then you can read the name at the end of the tooltip.


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