Controlling the page full in VB .NET Core

someone can tell me how check the full table using the calls of the Core?
In practice, what is the equivalent of the following cycle :

{ (LlDefineField, LlDefineFieldExt, LlDefineFieldExtHandle) (LlPrintFields) * (LlDefineVariable, LlDefineVariableExt, LlDefineVariableExtHandle) (LlPrint) (LlPrintFields) * (LlPrintSetBoxText, LlPrintGetCurrentPage, LlPrintGetOption) }

How can I check LL_WRN_REPEAT_DATA ?

Thanks to those who can give indications

Hi Gianluca,

Actually, you don’t want to use the “old” APIs anymore in VB.NET. Simply connect to your datasource and call Design() or Print() and let the databinding engine do the dirty work. This makes life infinitely easier.

That said, you can check the return value of LlPrintFields() just as before - it will return LlConstants.WrnRepeatData or similar. But again, don’t do that, you’ll miss most of the cool functions that are supported automatically by databinding.


Thanks for the answer I clarified the question I posed.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to use the data bound, but I wanted to understand how to use the Core calls for complicated cases.