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Condition with if formula

(Kees) #1

Hi there, I am new to List and Label and have probably a very simple question. I have a datafield what is not always being filled. Now I want put a condition into this line that it must show the data but when not filled then show a space.

I have tried this: if(V001 <> “”, V001, " ")
But when I preview the layout all lines are put up one line. When the field is filled in it works well. Can someone please help me. Thank you.

(combit Support - Erdal Alacali) #2

Dear Kees,
thank you for your note.

In this case you can try it with an non-breaking space e.g.

If(IsNullorEmpty(V001), Chr$(160), V001)

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH