Compatibility with .NET Framework 3.5

Hello to all,

I’m using, integrated in my software, List&Label 16 and now I would like to upgrade it to the version 24.
I have a couple of question:

  1. I’m using, for historical reasons, .NET Framework 3.5, and I’m building my Visual Studio project with this framework. Can anyone confirm that List&Label 24 is fully compatible with .NET framework 3.5?

  2. Opening the LL viewer and editor from my application I cannot save any file in the C:\Program FIles… folder of my application. Should I change the folder? Or there is some workaround to write in one folder under the path C:\Program files…?

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Hi Ivano,

Seems like we have contact on quite a number of platforms :slight_smile: . Just answered your question over on Stack Overflow as well:

  1. Yes, LL24 is fully compatible with .NET 3.5
  2. Basically, this is a Windows question. The viewer can open files from whatever location you have access to. There are several APIs in the product (e.g. LlPreviewSetTempPath ) to set the temporary path for printing and exporting. On Windows 10, the default of your app should be somewhere in the Documents path of the user

Thank you for your answer Jochen

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