Clear a Join$ used within a group for use in the next group

I am using the Join$ function (LL25) within a group to transfer a collection into a comma separated list. However the next group starts with the content that was derived in the first group.

How can I empty the content of the Join$(, ", ") to present a new list in every group?

Hello Ad and welcome to the List & Label Community!

If you don’t mind we would like to ask whether it is possble to provide some further information about the usage in detail. Attached I’ll attach a report for the List & Label Sample Application.

..\combit\LL25\Sample Application\DemoApplication25.exe

The report can be opened via Simple List (please remove the extension “.lst” so that it will only be “.rpt”). Within that report there is a group footer using a formula which outputs all record of a group:

Join$(Item.No,", ", 100)

There is a fourth optional boolean parameter, which decides whether the value of the list will be deleted or not. The Default is true. The result is as followed (green field in group footer):

Item report with grouping.rpt.lst (101,0 KB)

Hello Christian

Thank you for your very usefull help.

To give you some detail…
I wanted to group similar elements of a building by only naming the element once and use the Join$() to show a comma separated list of the locations where the defects were found.

In my solution I used the Join$() in de dataline in stead of the footer.
With succes I changed your example into an version that works in our Odata environment.

In the picture below you see the example report you sent, with changes to show the Elements and their locations.

Best regards,
Ad Rabenort