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I have problem with setting default printer. I try with PRINTER{PROPPRINT:Device} = ‘HP Laserjet Series II’ command or chose from printer setup dialog, but always print on windows default printer.
And checkbox for ‘let windows chose is off’.

Please help.

Does a corresponding printer configuration file, so-called P-File exist? Perhaps the wrong printer has been registered here? You can use the LlSetPrinterInPrinterFile function to replace a printer in a P-File with a new one that will be used for printing. If the printer configuration file does not exist, it will be created.

If this does not help, we will have to ask you to open a new case via the support portal.


Have you tried checking the printer properties, ensuring driver compatibility, and rebooting your system? I think those might help resolve the problem. Can you please provide more details about your system configuration and the steps you’ve taken . So I can provide more help to you .

Thank you