Check Whether a Report Contains Certain Objects

Valid from List & Label 23
You can use the following DOM code to check whether a project file contains PDF and/or graphic objects, for example:
//Check for image and PDF objects via DOM-API

// Create new ProjectList
ProjectList pf = new ProjectList(LL);
pf.Open(@"<Path>\<Reportname>.lst", LlDomFileMode.Open, LlDomAccessMode.ReadWrite, LlDomSettings.IgnoreErrors);

//Read out image objects
foreach (ObjectBase obj in pf.Objects.OfType<ObjectDrawing>())

//Read out PDF objects
foreach (ObjectBase obj in pf.Objects.OfType<ObjectPdf>())
    MessageBox.Show("Filename: " + (obj as ObjectPdf).Definition.Source.FileInfo.FileName + "\nName: "+ (obj as ObjectPdf).Name);

OLE containers are a special feature. To check whether a project file contains one or more of these objects, it must be parsed:

//Object counter
int ObjectOleCount = 0;

string Report = @"<Path>\<Reportname>.lst";
string Line;

//Read the file and display it line by line
System.IO.StreamReader file = new System.IO.StreamReader(Report);
while ((Line = file.ReadLine()) != null)
       if (Line.Contains("OLE Container"))
              System.Console.WriteLine("#" + ObjectOleCount + ": "+ Line);
IDKBTE001360 KBTE001360